Abandoned Vehicle Information

The State of Michigan and the City of Roseville provide laws and ordnances that PROHIBIT the ABANDONMENT of VEHICLES on public and private property.

The State of Michigan also provides steps for the final disposition of an abandoned vehicle; that is not claimed by the Titled Owner.

The Roseville Police Department has the responsibility to remove abandoned vehicles from public roadways and public property.

Individual private property owners have the responsibility to remove abandoned vehicles from their property.

Please go to the Michigan Secretary of State site for pertinent information for both property owners and those that have had a vehicle impounded and declared “abandoned”.

FOR VEHICLE OWNERS  [ http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,1607,7-127-1640_14837_23708-123741--,00.html ]

FOR PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERS [ http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,1607,7-127-48268-130791--F,00.html ]

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