Dial 911 for fire, medical or environmental emergencies.
For non-emergency calls: SERESA DISPATCH CENTER: 586-777-6700
The Fire Chief is Brian Kanigowski
Chief Brian Kanigowski
Statement of Services:  The mission of the Roseville Fire
Department is to provide a safe and professional response to
fire, medical and environmental emergencies.  We are
dedicated to preventing the loss of life and property in our city
through suppression, education, training and innovative
life/safety programs.

Station Locations:
Headquarters - 18750 Common Road
Station 2 - 17644 Frazho Road 

The Fire Department will not accept direct marketing calls.
If you wish to sell us products or equipment, you must be added to the City Purchasing List.  

Click here for Purchasing Department information.
The Fire Department DOES NOT have a Medical Loan Closet. 
Requests for wheelchairs, walkers, etc. should be directed to the Roseville-Eastpointe Recreational Authority.

 Contact Information:

For fire, medical or environmental emergencies  Dial 911
Fire Department Administration - 586-447-4582
Officer in Charge - 586-445-5457
Fire Department Headquarters - 586-445-5444
Fire Fax - 586-777-8665
Fire Email - fire@roseville-mi.gov
Fire Marshal - 586-445-5401
Fire Prevention Officer - 586-445-5458
Emergency Operations Center - 586-445-5456
Fire & Medical Reports - 586-447-4582

The Administrative Offices are located at the Fire Department Headquarters on Common Road. 

Office Hours: Monday through Friday - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Administrative Command Staff:

Fire Chief - Brian Kanigowski
Fire Marshal - William Ciner
Battalion Chief - Keith Jacobs
Battalion Chief - Scott Bala
Battalion Chief - Todd Adams
Secretary - Arlene Collins

Macomb County Hazard Mitigation Plan

We offer the following programs in an effort to make the public more aware of fire and life/safety issues:

CPR/First Aid Classes Information 

CPR/First Aid Sign up

CPR protective masks available at RFD Headquarters – Cost $5.00.

If a card is required for Heart Saver classes, the price of the class will
increase January 01, 2019.  Call for more details.

For additional information regarding dates, time and fees please call:
586-445-5401 or email: wciner@roseville-mi.gov 


ALL public education requests must be sent by email using the attached form and sent to fire@roseville-mi.gov

Requests must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance due to the limited availability of time and day slots.  The sooner you place your request the more likely you are to get the date and time of your choice.

Station Tours, school tours, off-site visits, special events and Smoke House Tours are available for groups (not less than 10).  Our tours will also be able to accommodate seniors, physically challenged, and vision impaired adults and children. 

 Items Available to the Public: 

Vials of life are available at RFD Headquarters – NO CHARGE.

Smoke detectors are available to Roseville residents – NO CHARGE

Proof of residency is required.  Limit two (2) smoke detectors per resident.  landlords are required to provide smoke detectors for their tenants; the Fire Department will not supply them to rental properties.
The Roseville Fire Department does not provide or have on hand carbon monoxide detectors or special needs (sound/light) smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors.

The following reports are available from the Roseville Fire Department Headquarters:

Ambulance Reports:  $6.00 each; must have picture ID to obtain a copy, if not the person transported per the report must have written permission of patient with a photocopy of that person’s Drivers License, or a court subpoena to obtain a copy.

Please call in advance -  at 586-447-4582 or email fire@roseville-mi.gov

Fire Reports:  $5.00 for three (3) pages; $1.00 for each additional page.
Please call in advance - ask for Arlene at: 586-447-4582

Fire Scene Photos: 
RWCD (photo CD) - $100.00
Please call in advance - ask for Arlene at: 586-447-4582  (2-day waiting period)

Any questions relating to Fire Investigations or Inspections should be directed to the Fire Marshal Division at 586-445-5458.

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