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DPS- Chipper Agreement

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  2. Chipper Services Agreement

    Department of Public Services

    Robert DeBruyn, Director

  3. Removal of Brush/Branches with Chipper Agreement

    This service is for the benefit and convenience of Roseville residents, home and property owners.  Consideration will also be given to Roseville Service Clubs, Schools, and Churches located in the City of Roseville.  This service will NOT be provided to private contractors or tree service companies.

    1.  FEES:  $75 per Service Visit for owner occupied property • $125 per service visit for non-owner-occupied property.

    2. Not more than 2 (two) service visits per 12-month period. 

    3. Chipper service not to exceed 30 minutes (travel time to and from not included).

    4. The chipper will take up to 8” in diameter limbs. Any larger limbs are the responsibility of the property owner to dispose. Root balls, stumps, building materials, and lumber are NOT ACCEPTED • To expedite service please place branches on the Right of Way in an orderly fashion with all cut ends pointing in the same direction. 

    Any larger pieces and/or stumps must be disposed of by the owner.  (Try: Uni-Dig | 21600 Quinn Road | Clinton Township, MI | 586-791-4010).

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