What do I do after a PPO is issued?
  1. Arrange for delivery of the PPO to the respondent. This delivery is called "service." Service may be made as follows:
    • Process server
    • Sheriff from Macomb County's Civil Division
    • Adult other than you
    • Registered or certified mail with return receipt requested and delivery restricted to the respondent. 
    • Please direct questions as to service to the PPO Office.
  2. File the "Proof of Service" with the County Clerk of the Court.
  3. Carry one copy of the PPO and proof of service with you at all times. Keep a second copy in a safe place. Consider obtaining extra copies to give to day-care providers, schools, employers, and other who may need to know about it.
  4. Develop a safety plan. If you need help, feel free to call Turning Point, Inc. at 586-463-6990. Remember that within twenty-four hours after the State Police receive notification of the PPO, the State Police will send the respondent a letter about firearm restrictions.

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