Vulnerable or Impaired Person (VIP)

In an effort to assist in identifying vulnerable or impaired individuals and returning them to a safe environment the police department is offering the following to the parent/legal guardian/power of attorney of individuals with special healthcare needs.

Contact point for the Roseville Police Department is the Community Outreach Officer. You will need to set up an appointment to come to the station.

The programs listed below are strictly voluntary. A responsible individual is required to enroll a subject in the program(s).

General Criteria for participation:

  • Child or youth with special healthcare needs.
  • "Individual with special healthcare needs" means a single or married individual whose activity is or may become so restricted by disease or specified medical condition as to reduce the individual's normal capacity for education and self-support.

Vulnerable or Impaired Person (VIP) Fingerprint/Photo Enrollment is a program offered via the Michigan State Police in which the fingerprints and other demographic data is gathered related to the VIP.

Benefits of this information:

  • If those individuals with special needs encounter law enforcement and they have fingerprints maintained at the state (enrolled), a live scan or mobile fingerprint scanner may be used to identify those individuals who may have trouble identifying themselves. 
  • An identification not only helps eliminate possible misunderstandings, but it also enables law enforcement personnel to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of these individuals. 
  • This initiative, through the added contact fields, also allows law enforcement the ability to contact someone who understands the individual's specific needs. 
  • The goal of this program is to return these individuals to a familiar, safe environment, while still maintaining their dignity.

There is a fee ($30, payable by cash or debit/credit card) associated with this enrollment. There is a form that must be filled out as well as steps that must be taken by the person who is seeking an individual's enrollment in the program.

Roseville Police Department offers an additional voluntary method to collect and utilize information that may prove useful in returning an individual to a safe environment or to potentially assist in the investigation of a missing Vulnerable or Impaired Person.

The Information Provided is not a substitute for the Michigan State Police enrollment of individuals into the "Vulnerable or Impaired Person's (VIP's)" fingerprint repository (noted above) and is in no way associated with that program. Participation in the RPD program is not a requirement to submit fingerprints to the State Police repository.

The officer assisting you will seek additional information to assist in identifying individuals if the need arises, such as:

  • Places the individual frequents.
  • Prior address.
  • Name and information on family or friends the person may try to contact.
  • Physical description.
  • Various additional contact information.
  • Officer will ask to take or request you provide identifying photos.

Once this incident report is completed the officer will EMAIL a copy to the individual making the request.

Please note: Neither method of gathering information constitutes a missing person report. If your family member is missing you will need to notify the police and make a report specific to that incident.