Fees Charged at the Police Desk

The Roseville P.D. is authorized to collect fees associated with some department functions. 

The listed fees are collected at the front desk of the police department. The fees are not associated with licenses or other charges required by the records bureau.

The department can not accept checks. All fees must be paid with cash or credit / debit card. If paying with cash; change can not be provided at the front desk, please bring the exact amount. Thank you.

If a credit / debit card is used, there is an additional fee (for the company that services the transaction). The amount of the fee will be determined when the transaction is made.

  1. Court-ordered Preliminary Breath Test (PBT): $10 for each test. This service is provided at the front desk of the police department, 24/7. You must have valid I.D. and the form provided by the court to record the results. The Police Department will not fax or transmit the results to anyone on your behalf.
  2. Defective Equipment Citations: $10 for non-residents, $5 for Resident of Roseville. This service is provided 24/7 you must bring the original citation and the vehicle the citation was issued to. Once the inspection is completed a notation will be made on the original citation. It is your responsibility to return the citation to the court in question to show proof that the matter has been resolved. The Police Department will not transmit the citation on your behalf.
  3. Prisoner Property Release: $15. Each Detainee will be charged the fee upon release from the Roseville P.D. This fee is in addition to any other fees/charges associated with posting bond for an individual.
  4. Vehicle Impound Release: $50. The fee is charged for all vehicles that have been impounded related to a criminal investigation and can be paid 24/7. The fee is in addition to any fees charged by the tow company (the company is not open 24/7). The registered owner of the vehicle must appear at the police station and provide valid I.D., vehicle registration, and valid insurance for the impounded vehicle. The owner will be provided a release form that will need to be presented at the impound yard. If Valid insurance is not provided or the vehicle is deemed unsafe to drive the release form will be stamped "TOW ONLY". The owner will then have to have the vehicle towed from the impound lot by a properly licensed towing company. The Tow Company / Impound Yard utilized by the City of Roseville is: Van's Towing, 29191 Groesbeck, Roseville MI. 48066. 586-775-5500, 586-777-1133.
  5. Warrant: $10. The fee is charged at the time a bond is posted at the department for each valid warrant that is not related to a Roseville P.D. case. The fee is in addition to the bond amount listed with the warrant information.