Patrol Division

The Patrol Division consists of Uniformed Officers who respond to calls for service and take enforcement action in an effort to ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens of Roseville and those that visit or travel through our city.

Officers assigned to the patrol division conduct the initial investigation into the majority of incidents that require police involvement. Officers are also responsible for documenting traffic accidents that take place on public roadways.

The Roseville Traffic Division is charged with the review of crash reports, citations, traffic studies, and the investigation of serious and fatal vehicle crashes. Enforcement of traffic laws is used to encourage safe driving and compliance with state laws. If there is an immediate need for traffic enforcement, residents are encouraged to call the SERESA dispatch center. If there's an ongoing traffic concern, you can call the Traffic Division.

If you've been involved in a crash, try to pull off the roadway to a safe location. If it's safe and both drivers agree, you can drive to the Roseville Police Station and we'll take the report in the lobby.

Private Property Crashes

Roseville Police will not take a crash report occurring on private property (Parking lot) unless there's an injury or a vehicle can't be driven due to the damage. Hit-and-run crashes on private property will not be taken unless there's a witness who can positively ID the driver by name or has the license plate number of the fleeing vehicle.