Retirement Board

Regular Meetings

  • 2:30 pm
  • 1st Wednesday of each month

General Board Members

  • Robert Taylor, Chairman/Mayor
  • Catherine Haugh, Vice-Chairwoman/Councilwoman
  • James Osterhout, Trustee/General Employee Representative
  • John Haase, Trustee/General Employee Representative
  • Michael Busch, Trustee/Citizen

General Employee Plan Document (PDF)

Police & Fire Board

  • Robert Taylor, Chairman/Council Appointee
  • Mitchell Berlin, Vice Chairman/Council Appointee
  • Brian Frederiksen, Trustee/Fire Employee Representative
  • Kurt Latour, Trustee/Police Employee Representative
  • John Chirkun, Trustee/City Treasurer

Police and Firefighters Plan Document (PDF)


The City of Roseville Employees Retirement System, hereinafter referred to as the retirement system, was established to provide pension and retirement benefits to the personnel of the City of Roseville, their families, and beneficiaries. The Retirement System was created in accordance with the City of Roseville Charter. The provisions of the City Charter, together with the applicable collective bargaining agreements and applicable federal and state law, control and govern the rights and benefits under the Retirement System. As pension benefits are a mandatory subject of collective bargaining under the Michigan Public Employment Relations Act, the retirement system provisions have been and may continue to be, modified by collective bargaining agreements. Please note: collective bargaining agreements take precedence in the event of a conflict with the City Charter.