Election Commission


  • Called by City Clerk
  • Fixed by City Charter


  • Jennifer Zelmanski, Chairperson
    City Clerk
  • Brook Openshaw
    City Assessor
  • Tim Tomlinson, Member
    City Attorney


The general election laws of the State of Michigan and the similar or comparable provisions of any future laws of the state and the applicable federal laws shall apply to and control all procedures relating to City elections, including, but not limited to qualifications and registration of electors, the nomination of candidates, the preparation of ballots, the holding of City elections, the counting and canvassing of ballots cast, the holding and conduct of recounts, verification of petitions, registration of voters and voting hours, unless otherwise specified within the Charter. The Clerk shall give public notice of each City election in the same manner as is referred by law for the giving of public notice of an election in the state. The City shall not hold a primary election for elected city offices.